Through global human resources we aim to implement a hiring power that exceeds corporate power in regional companies.

The Value Provided by Regions

Regions is particularly specialized in introducing executive class workers in their thirties to forties who wish to move from major cities to more regional areas, and we have supported over one thousand people in their career change activities in the ten years since our establishment. We believe “hiring power that exceeds corporate power” to be a factor that can large reform companies, and support the hiring practices of small to mid-size companies who fall behind in branding, pay and benefits. By introducing high skilled candidates – who are hard to come across through job advertisements and job centers – we have seen many of the hiring companies achieve dramatic reform and growth.

Furthermore, since 2017 we have started to introduce talents from abroad who have strong educational backgrounds and a high level of Japanese language ability and thus can contribute immediately to the globalization and overseas expansion of regional companies. Our CEO Takaoka himself flies around the world appealing the benefits of living in regional areas in Japan and the possibilities of global expansion for local companies to foreign students, and in our first year we were able to successfully introduce eight global talents to regional companies. We expect these companies to grow both globally and dynamically thanks to the hiring of foreign workers.

The addition of highly skilled workers and the knowledge, experience and ideas they bring will stimulate your organization’s growth, and bring about a new chemistry which can lead to the breakthrough of current business issues. Similarly, on the other hand there are many companies in regional areas who wish to grow but are struggling in obtaining skilled workers. In particular there are a number of issues in sourcing workers from abroad. We will introduce workers who exceed corporate power, workers who will surprise CEOs with their skills and knowledge, from all around the world, and through this bring about rapid growth in regional companies. This is the value that Regions offers.

How many Skilled Workers Feel

Even small-mid size companies in regional areas can obtain skilled workers!

This is because in major cities there are a lot of potential job change applicants who wish to return home or contribute to regional growth. The number of cases where such people are moving back to their hometowns to care for sick parents or due to marriage or childbirth are increasing.

Furthermore, there are a large number of foreign talents with strong Japanese and business skills who are interested in Japan and wish to work there some day.

In a lot of cases businessmen and women around the world only live in major cities because good jobs are concentrated there, and a lot of them would like to work in the place they want to live if possible. Furthermore, there are people who feel unsatisfied with working in a large company, and wish to work in a position where they can directly contribute to the company’s growth, or a job in which they feel they are contributing to society.

In order to respond to these wishes, at Regions our aim is to to offer good job information from different regions all around the world, and to implement a society where people can live and work where they want, overcoming national and regional borders.

Payment-Upon-Completion Fee System

We use a payment-upon-completion system for all requests for finding candidates, and do not charge any fees whatsoever until they enter the company.

Business Achievements

Below we will introduce our current business achievements from several different angles.

Transition of Candidates Introduced

Examples of People we have Introduced

Accountant at a large listed company
(Working in Tokyo, 29 years old)
Large specialist trading company (Sapporo)
Accounting position
Web-based system engineer at a medium sized system development company
(Working in Tokyo, 34 years old)
Group company of a listed system infrastructure company (Sapporo)
Candidate for future project manager
Business and management worker at a large financial leasing company
(Working in Tokyo, 39 years old)
Company dealing with plant installation(Sapporo)
Core member of a new business department
Director at a group company of a large listed manufacturing firm
(Working in Tokyo, 49 years old)
Large specialist service company (Central Hokkaido)
Management Candidate
Business planning manager at a large metal manufacturer
(Working in Tokyo, 38 years old)
Agricultural materials wholesaler (Sendai)
Management planning (Supporting the next CEO)
Management planning at a large food supplies wholesaler
(Working in Tokyo, 29 years old)
Housing company (Sendai)
HR and Employment Manager
Overseas business for a large consume products manufactuer
(Working in the Chuubu Region, 26 years old)
Accounting Firm (Koriyama)
External Affairs
North Kanto
Accounting and finance in a mid-sized services company
(Working in the Chuubu Region, 34 years old)
Metal parts manufacturer (Tochigi)
Accounting, HR and General Affairs executive candidate
Manager at the general legal affairs department of a mid-sized food supply manufacturer
(Working in the Kyuushuu region, 56 years old)
Retail services company (Sano)
Head of management department
Production Manager at an IT and Web services company
(Working in Tokyo, 31 years old)
IT and Web services company (Utsunomiya)
Web director
Business management at a large office equipment manufacturer
(Working in Tokyo, 45 years old)
Raw materials manufacturer (Sano)
Candidate for business manager

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