• 2018.02.20

    #006 Memorial Muramoto Co., Ltd

    A company with a wide variety of specialist areas, mainly focused on the funeral industry/Currently expanding overseas/Experience a variety of job and industry types, from the funeral industry to food and drink and flower arranging/Allowance payments

  • 2018.02.20

    #005 Fusion Co., Ltd

    A specialist marketing firm which mainly deals with domestic market leaders/Has won awards in the All Japan Direct Mail Awards for several years running/Experience a variety of jobs related to marketing and analytics/Actively recruiting long-term interns/Allowance payments/Japanese not required

  • 2018.02.20

    #004 Daiya Shobo Co., Ltd

    A firm proactive in diversifying its businesses/Learn about Japan’s book culture and the current state of education in Japan/Experience sales work at educational institutions

  • 2018.02.20

    #003 Cornes AG. Corporation

    A specialist agricultural machinery trading company which deals with some of the world’s leading agricultural manufacturers/Learn about and experience the current state of Japan’s agricultural and dairy industry

  • 2018.02.20

    #002 175 Co., Ltd

    A rapidly growing tantanment restaurant chain/Food expense subsidies available/Experience preparing and cooking foods like tantanmen/Plans to expand abroad in 2020

  • 2018.02.20

    #001 Nishiyama Seimen Co., Ltd.

    Learn about Japan’s food culture from working with ramen at one of Hokkaido’s leading noodle manufacturers / Experience sales and cooking instruction work

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