Visa Application Support

We will support you with your visa application to help the process go more smoothly. In 2017 we helped nine applicants with their visa applications. Below are the general procedures and required times for visa application.

  1. After you accept an employment offer, send one each of your graduation certificate, results certificate, an ID picture, and a copy of an identifying document such as your passport by post to the company you will join. Please take note that depending on the type of visa you are applying for the necessary documents may differ. However, most foreigners entering private companies as new graduates will fall into the “Engineer / Specialist in Humanities / International Services” visa category.
  2. Once the company’s application has completed, and the Immigration Office has decided that the contents of the application are true, and your planned activities in Japan match the conditions of your visa, a “Certificate of Eligibility for Resident Status” which recognizes your right to stay and work in Japan will be issued and sent via post. Depending on the type of visa or country of residence the examination period may differ, but in general it takes around 1~3 months.
  3. Once the Certificate of Eligibility for Resident Status is delivered take it along with your passport and an ID photo to your closest Japanese Embassy, Consulate General or other diplomatic establishment and apply for a visa. Depending on your place of residence times may differ slightly, but in general a visa will be issued within 1~2 weeks.
  4. 在After the time period specified by the diplomatic establishment has passed, return to collect your passport which should now have a visa imprinted in. Congratulations! The visa application process is complete.

Tips for Job Searching

There are a number of things you have to watch out for when creating a CV to send to Japanese companies. We have listed them below for reference.


Application Procedure

Below is the general process from registration to entering a Japanese company.

  1. Entry
    If you’re interested in working in Japan then start off by registering.
  2. Interview
    We can accommodate both English and Chinese, but as a general rule our consultants will conduct the interview in Japanese.
  3. Offering of Employment Information
    We will introduce you to job offers that suit you based on what we heard in the interview.
  4. Confirmation and Submitting of Application Documents
    We will support you in writing up the necessary application documents.
  5. Scheduling your Interview and Pre-interview Advice
    If you pass the document screening process then you finally enter the interview stage.
  6. Continued Support from Receiving an Offer to Joining the Company
    If you receive an offer from a company then we will support you if with preparations needed to work in Japan.

※Job information introduction and support is completely free of charge.
※It usually takes around 1~3 months from receiving an offer until entering the company.
※The applications for the work visa are held between you and the hiring company, and tend to take 2~3 months.
※The hiring company will generally support accommodation after arrival in Japan. Moving and rent allowance depends on the company.

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