Message to those looking to join Regions

  • Regions is a company which operates in three locations in Japan, and has a total of 29 employees (as of February 2018).
  • When a new member joins, we first and foremost tryst to understand what they care about the most in their lives. Through this we succeed in raising work productivity whilst creating mutual respect.
  • We strive to hire optimal candidates, and put them in the best position, regardless of race, religion, skin colour, gender, age, disability, nationality or sexuality. Also, we have a policy which forbids any of our clients, applicants and business acquaintances from discriminating based on any of the above.
  • Currently 62.1% of our total employees are female, and 6.9% are foreign. We had new members enter from Taiwan and the UK in 2016 and 2017 respectively. We are currently working ambitiously in plans to expand our business, and plan to expand overseas to Taiwan in 2018 and the UK in 2019.
  • Since our establishment we have recognized that the advancement of human skills is more important in both everyday life and work than improving job related skills. Every day we study the management philosophies of exceptional companies and once a week we study the life philosophy of one of our great forefathers. In this way we have conducted a lot of communication aimed at increasing each other’s people skills.
  • We advocate for each individual to have a sense of responsibility and ownership of their own work, and focus strongly on the importance of training future leaders. Also, as we value people who work selflessly with devotion to others, we have turned into an organization with a warm and friendly atmosphere.
  • At Regions we believe that you must first thank your employees before asking them to do more work. In short, our philosophy is to value our employees. If you have to come in on a day off then you can take a substitute holiday straight away, and you only have to work for an hour on a particular day to be seen as having attended work that day. In this way we manage our company in a way that takes into consideration the health and conditions of our employees.
  • We aim to become a company where people can feel value and reward through work, and be happy at all moments of their life. We are looking for people who want to grow, want to excel as a businessman or woman, and can offer sincere and devoted services to candidates and clients. Challenge yourself to see how you can build up your own career as Regions grows. We truly look forward to the day in the near future when you will become a new member of Regions.


Employee Discussion: Fukuzawa Kenjiro, a veteran employee since the company’s establishment, and Terajima Noriko, a new employee who joined in April 2016



Employee Discussion: Oishi Yutaka (Tohoku Company) and Watanabe Megumi (North Kanto Company)
A frank discussion. From its rewards to its hardships.



Employee Discussion: Chen Huayi, our first foreign member, and Andrew Croft, a new employee who came here from Liverpool, UK



Employee Discussion:Sato Teruaki, an executive officer with a CPA license, and Tsujii Tatsuki, executive officer originally from a multinational strategic consulting firm



Employee Discussion:Our representative mother employee, Unno Chizuru, and Watanabe Kojiro, an executive officer who will be taking on the mountain K2.


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